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Where do we fit into your business

MRP and ERP systems are not designed to plan automotive mould shops or paint plants. They can not handle complex and fast moving constraints like labour, setter and packaging availability, scrap and downtime or non-process scrap and quality concerns. They are not sophisticated enough to consider track layout, primer change constraints, minimum colour run lengths or the many other factors that affect your paint plan.

Our systems take over where an MRP or ERP system ends. An integrated planning and data capture system means that you can have effective planning and accurate performance reporting with the minimum of effort. 

The systems pull all available demand and stock information together and show where the plan will lead to shortages. The mould system shows where you will have too few men to run the planned jobs, where tool changes will conflict and when stillages will be needed. We do not attempt to automate planning decisions. We aim to make planning a much easier process by providing clarity.


Our Business Philosophy

Our systems are available through low cost monthly rental. There are no minimum contracts. We aim to forge a real partnership with your manufacturing and logistics staff to ensure our systems continue to add value. We do this through offering high levels of support as part of the standard monthly rental. Unlike most system providers, we don't just offer bug fixes, we are on hand to help your staff with all aspects of the system.

Your business never stands still. Continuous improvement throughout the supply chain leads to ongoing product changes that need to be reflected in the system and we are here to help with those changes.

We deliver a turn key solution. This will require bespoke demand and stock import routines as well as reporting tailored to your needs. As your business changes our system will change with it. If it doesn't, you will stop using it.

With our experience, low cost base and can-do approach we aim to give you the best value system possible.